Gender Diversity & Inclusion

The Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN General Assembly in September 2015 also recognize the importance of empowering women and Goal 5 is to "Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls including economic empowerment". HBL has shown commitment towards this goal by encouraging diversity of thought throughout the company and injecting urgency within the Bank.

Milestones on the path to financial and workforce inclusion


The total number of women workforce in 2017 was 15%


We aim to boost our female workforce to 20% by 2020


Recruitment of women increased by upto 50% in new roles within Bank


In 2016 HBL launched NISA banking account geared towards increasing women’s financial inclusion from 5% to 25%

Our Commitment

HBL is acutely aware of the need to increase the engagement of women in financial services not just as customers but also as employees. With this objective, we have consciously been recruiting an increasing number of women- upto 50% of new entrants ensuring they are provided equal opportunities for advancement and success.


HBL in collaboration with NOWPDP (Network of Organizations working with People with Disabilities in Pakistan) is working tirelessly to include and empower disabled individuals in HBL’s customer base as well as work force making HBL first disability inclusive institution in the industry.

This April 2017, Yaqeeen will begin working at 30 branches at HBL across Pakistan thereby laying the foundation for HBL to become the pioneering bank leading its way to complete inclusion of persons with disabilities in Pakistan.

HBL is confident in the scale and impact this project will have both in the longer run and across more branches as HBL becomes the pioneering inclusive bank of Pakistan.

In this two-year collaboration, NOWPDP and HBL aim to create an environment in which both staff and customers with disabilities are given the value and respect that we all deserve.