What is the eligibility criteria for The League Accelerate Graduate Program?

In order to be eligible for the League Accelerate Graduate Program, you must be a graduate holding a Master’s degree in any of the following disciplines.

  • Accounting
  • Business Management and Administration
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • International Business
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Management
  • Mathematics
  • Supply Chain
  • Social sciences
  • Bi-Majors Accounting and Finance
  • Bi-Majors Economics and Finance
  • Bi-Majors Economics and Mathematics
  • Bi-Majors Economics and Politics
  • Data Science as Major
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Sciences
  • Computer Engineering
  • Communications

Disclaimer: Current full-time permanent employees of HBL are not eligible to apply for this programme.

Which browsers are supported for submitting the online application?

It is recommended that you use Google Chrome or Safari for a smooth experience.

Do I have to make any attachments to my online application?

Yes, you will be required to attach a formal and professional picture with your application along with your resume.

What should be the size and format of the picture?

The picture format should be JPG/PNG. The size shouldn’t exceed 2MB.

Do you accept applications by mail?

No we will only entertain applications submitted online.

The online application for the Accelerate Graduate Program does not allow me to select my year of birth before June 1991. What should I do?

The programme is designed for a specific age group. However, we have other positions for you. You can have a look at them here

I did not receive a confirmation email after submitting the online application. What should I do?

There is a chance that the mail landed in your spam folder. If it’s not there, contact us at

I will be graduating in the Summer instead of Fall semester, am I still eligible for the programme?

Yes you are eligible. However, you will be asked to submit an undertaking from your university if you are selected for the programme.

I have already done my Bachelors and I’m currently pursuing my Masters on weekends. I am an experienced professional, should I apply for the programme?

The Accelerate Graduate Program is only open to experienced professionals with a Bachelor’s AND completed Master’s degree with between 2 – 4 years of work experience.

I am an experienced professional, can I apply for the Programme?

Yes, the Accelerate Graduate Program is open to experienced professionals with a Master’s degree who have between 2 – 4 years of work experience.

I am a Pakistani graduating/recently graduated from a foreign university. Can I apply?

Yes you can apply. However, do note that these positions are based in Pakistan. The selection process will be the same for you except for the dates of assessment center and panel interview, which will be communicated to you separately.

How long does the application process take?

HBL follows a transparent and competitive recruitment process, therefore we may take some time to assess and respond to your application. The flowchart below shows the different stages of recruitment:

What is the online assessment like?

The online assessment has been designed as a gamified simulation. The assessment takes into account cognitive ability as well as leadership competency factors.

How long is the online assessment? How much time do I have to complete it?

The assessment consists of rounds of gamified assessment and series of mini cases. Approximate time to complete the assessment is 30-40 minutes.

Is there anything I should know about the online assessment?

You must read your email before proceeding for the online assessment. The email contains important instructions and details about the online assessment.

How will I be informed if I clear a stage?

You will receive an email from us for each stage that you clear.

Who can I contact if I’m having problems with gamified online assessment?

For assistance regarding the gamified online assessment, you may contact

After reviewing all of this information, I still have questions. What should I do?

If the FAQs don’t answer your queries regarding the application process, you may write to us at:

Forgot/lost password?

Incase you have forgotten or lost your password sent at the time of registration, please use the following link to reset your password Click here

What is the last date to register for The League Management Trainee Programme?

Registration will remain open till February 28, 2021.

How can I access the game?

Registration link will be live on 1st February 2021. Upon registration you will receive a confirmation email containing your username and password.

Can I play the game on my phone?

The Game can only be accessed on a desktop computer/laptop.

Do I need to have internet access to play the game?

Yes, you will need to be connected to the internet to play the game.

What do I do if my game crashes in the middle, I lost electricity or internet connection?

The assessment will resume as soon as you are connected back to the internet. Make sure you do not refresh the screen in the meanwhile. You can resume your game if the browser crashes. However, you can only do this once, if you’re facing technical difficulties, email us at

Will my responses be recorded if the game crashes in between?


Do I have to be a business student to play the game?

No. All students who have registered, will be able to play the game.

I live abroad. How will I be contacted if I clear the gameplay?

All communication will be done through email.

Do I need anything in specific before I begin playing the game?

A PC/Laptop that meets the minimum system requirement:
For Windows: Windows 10, 4GB RAM, core i3 processor – 3rd generation and a separate graphics memory.
For Mac: iOS 10 or above. A stable internet connection and a compatible browser such as IE, Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

Can I make changes to my candidate profile once I have played the game?

No. However, you will receive a copy of your submitted application for your record and information.

Can I apply to both The Management Trainee & Accelerate Graduate Program?

No, you can only apply to one program of The League as each requires a different candidate profile. Please check the application criteria carefully and only apply to the Program which fits your candidacy.