Branch Operations and Account Services

Branch Operations & Account Services is an integral part of the bank and is mostly considered ‘the face of the bank’. At HBL, it is our aim to provide extraordinary customer experiences, by bridging client needs and demands with the internal processes keeping in line with SBP guidelines. This ensures implementation of regulatory compliance to mitigate risk. The function remains engaged in process improvement to meet customer expectations, to implement regulatory changes and adapting best industry practices.

It has further divided into four verticals:

  1. Branch Operations: Being first point of contact for the customers, with their deep industry experiences provides end to end assistance and guidance against customer transactional needs.
  2. Branch Operations Support & Governance: Acts as a support unit, assists in branch operations in simplifying the processes, create synergies, and provide governance to create control environment.
  3. Account Services: Most critical part of the bank as it facilitates customer on-boarding and provides account maintenance services to new and existing customers.
  4. Data and Analytics: Inculcates change management culture, leads different campaigns to improve staff awareness, and develops and disseminates analytics against staff performance. Hence inculcating change management culture by improving staff awareness at all levels.