Corporate, Commercial and Investment Banking

HBL has the largest Corporate Banking portfolio in Pakistan coupled with the most active and largest Investment Banking Division in Pakistan. Our Corporate & Investment Banking Group is a leading provider of financial services to top-tier multi-national and local clients across the country, serving the financial needs of the nation’s preeminent domestic and multinational corporate customers.

Corporate & Investment Banking

Corporate banking’s relationship managers partner with product specialists to provide a full array of corporate banking solutions, from cash management, foreign exchange, trade finance, custody, clearing and loans, to capital markets, derivatives, and structured products. They also partner with our investment banking arm to deliver investment banking expertise in project finance, mergers & acquisitions, debt syndications and capital market solutions to the banks’ clients.

Commercial Banking

The Commercial Banking division is a vital area within the group that primarily targets smaller and medium sized businesses. Commercial Banking teams provide these clients with personalized services such as structured and customized banking solutions that help enable their businesses to function more efficiently. These solutions encompass various services such as Trade Finance (covering imports, exports, remittances & guarantees), Long-term debt and Working Capital Finance, Deposit Mobilization, Cash Management and cross-sell of various other banking products.

Transaction and Employee Banking

The Transaction and Employee Banking (TEB) business spans across business segments by providing innovative solutions for customers to run their businesses. TEB offers customized digital products to enhance efficiencies within customer business through cash management, payment solutions, and payroll delivery services.