Human Resources

HR at HBL operates as a strategic partner to our businesses and focuses on driving performance excellence by hiring, developing and retaining the best talent. With a long-term focus on aligning our people strategy with the overall organizational strategy, we strive to build a flexible, engaging and progressive culture. Structured into nine key roles, HR at HBL contributes through the following units:

  • Talent Acquisition: Sources, screens and recruits the best talent in the market, while ensuring adherence to inclusive hiring policies.
  • Relationship and Talent Management: Prioritizes employee engagement and development in partnership with business units and line managers to drive business results, promote career growth and maximize employees’ potential.
  • Learning and Development: Designs and develops need-based interventions to enhance capabilities and skillsets to cater to the dynamic business environment.
  • HR Operations: Ensures seamless execution of daily HR transactions essential to maintaining a workforce.
  • Rewards and Policies: Develops and implements policies and reward structures to motivate and engage employees to consistently drive performance and achieve organization’s goals.
  • Organizational Development: Undertakes a systematic approach to assessing and improving all employee-related processes and structures to enhance organizational efficiency.
  • HR Technology and Data Analytics: Focuses on digitization of HR processes through design and implementation of tech-related projects and solutions to support evidence-based decision making.
  • Ethics and Conduct: Identifies, measures, monitors and implements the ethics and conduct framework at HBL in line with the State Bank of Pakistan guidelines.
  • Employee Relations: Acts as an arbitrator and oversees the resolution of grievances, misconduct and/or disciplinary violations by employees in a fair and impartial manner.