Operations Services

‘Operations Services’ provides foundational support to HBL’s dynamic Operating Model. Through the extensive spread of its scope, it renders relentless support to the frontline Business teams by administering Business processes and procedures, some of which run round the clock, culminating in quality customer service.

The areas that collectively fall under the extensive umbrella of ‘Operation Services’ are:

Digital Customer Experience

‘Digital Customer Experience’ (DCE) is about creating positive memories for customers through the delivery of superior service, ensuring a continuous journey of transformation. DCE’s multi-channel team provides robust support to the Bank’s various segments (i.e. Retail, Consumer, Branchless Banking, etc.) through Voice, email, Social media, WhatsApp and IVR (self-service).

Trade Operations

‘Trade operations’ is responsible for efficient processing of all trade related transactions (Exports, Imports, Letters of credit and Guarantees), while also ensuring that the regulatory requirements are strictly adhered to at all times. Trade operations provides critical support to the trade business through delivery of swift and error-free services leading to heightened customer satisfaction.

Payment Services

‘Payment Services’ provides a unified and centralized platform for processing of payments pertaining to Salaries, Pensions, Remittances, Clearing, Consumer Loans, Debit & Credit Cards, including Treasury transactions initiated by Treasury Front Office. It provides round the clock services by ensuring that the ATMs across the Bank’s network remain fully functional at all times. Several wings of payment services operate in harmony to create an enhanced service experience for internal and external customers.

International Operations

‘International Operations’ acts as a focal point for the International Branch Network in matters relating to operations. It keeps vigilance on control issues and creates a bridge between International locations and the Head Office, while monitoring key operational aspects through alignment of policies and procedures. It ensures compliance of International Operating Model with the respective regulatory environment while it also aligns international policies with HBL’s global policies.

Business Policies & Procedures

‘Business Policies & Procedures’ renders support to units in developing Policies, Procedures, SOPs, Circulars and Product Programs. It assists in addressing audit observations and identifies opportunities for achieving cost efficiency in processes of ‘Operation Services’.

Shared Services

An integral part of Operations Services, ‘Shared Services’ provides efficient support to entire network of HBL by managing the evolving needs of stakeholders with optimal utilization of resources. ‘Shared Services’ assists the Bank to implement cost effective, sustainable, transparent & progressive solutions for Bank’s Procurement, Properties, Construction / Renovation, Business Continuity Planning, Security and Administrative affairs, ultimately contributing towards profitability, efficiency & enhanced Brand Image of HBL.