Remedial & Structured Credits

HBL Structured Credits and Remedial Assets Group (SC & RA) comprises of two distinct specialized units – both applying a different approach to achieve a common objective of addressing the stressed/complex portfolio of the bank. The functions performed by these units are more specifically elaborated below:

  • Structured Credits deals with diverse range of portfolio comprising of regular yet complex / sensitive accounts that needs to be proactively managed to timely offset the early signs of portfolio stress, restructuring to rehabilitate the non performing relationships, non-traditional work outs not limited to Debt to Asset Swaps as well as expertise in leading the Syndicate Restructurings. Staff for Structured Credits represents diverse skill set with a good blend of work experience covering Commercial/ Corporate Banking & Risk Management.
  • Remedial Assets involves negotiations with clients to settle distressed / litigated exposures. This unit includes a deep understanding of the legal and recovery framework of Pakistan as well as timely liquidation through various methods.