Your Role

As the largest bank in Pakistan, HBL’s operations are spread across a wide variety of fields. Whether you become a part of Operations, Innovation & Financial Inclusion, Technology, Consumer or Corporate Banking, you’ll enjoy project ownership, rewarding challenges and exposure to a variety of businesses across a wide industrial spectrum.

Along with technical training, you will also be able to develop critical business relationship skills. Teaming or collaboration across cultures are skills that will allow you to become a valuable asset to our organization.

As someone who is beginning their career at HBL, you will find yourself immersed in some of the most exciting financial and economic projects in the country today, all of which are spread across a variety of industries. You will be provided with the opportunity to connect with and be mentored by senior business leaders who can help guide your career. Here you will build your professional network and interact with colleagues across different divisions and regions.

Choosing the right department can be tough, and the truth is there are no easy answers, but there are lots of great questions. Let us help you figure out what type of role, business and industry is right for you.


HBL Branch Banking is the largest business segment of the bank spread across Pakistan through its vast network of 1,450+ branches and 2,000+ ATMs. The group is divided into 7 different functions; Business Planning and Strategy, Retail Products, National Sales, Analytics & Process Engineering, Governance, Prestige Banking, and Distribution (commonly referred to as the sales wing of the branch network).

Analytics and Process Engineering

Branch banking analytics is packed with infinite opportunities where we focus on creating tools to enable data led business decisions, identify business opportunities through data models and state of the art technology used globally. Our dedicated advance analytics program helps towards sales management initiatives; driven through artificial intelligence, spatial analytics, power BI tools and propensity models among others contemporary data science tools.

Process improvement program is the cornerstone of our renewed strategy at branch banking whereby we strive to remove procedural niceties and dovetailing any change with technology and automation. We look for opportunities to remove inefficiencies of doing business and collectively improve them using policy changes / cognitive sciences / AI / Innovation / big data and much more. In its entirety, the process improvement program reaches the idlest of the banking processes and seek to transform / optimize these with the rudimentary approach of design thinking i.e., understanding customer needs, generating creative ideas for the good of customer experience.

Retail Products

Retail Products function provides strategic product leadership, by understanding the consumer and delivering the best suited products. Conducting market research to understand consumer needs and strategically managing competition. Bringing a product or proposition from a concept through to market release and beyond. At HBL, Retail Products has 5 sub-functions including HBL Prestige, Premium Strategy, Liability Products, Wealth Management & Women Marketing Program & Non-Resident Pakistani Banking.

HBL Prestige

HBL Prestige is a value proposition designed to provide HBL’s HNW clients with a world class banking experience. HBL Prestige offers high level of personalized services, more rewarding in-branch experience and a wide array of products that offer unique lifestyle experiences, tailored to client requirements.

Wealth Management

A systematic marketing, distribution, and servicing of a range of insurance and investment products (3rd party products) to the right customer and at the right time. Using a variety of distribution channels within the Bank to provide the customers all financial solutions under one roof.

National Sales

The recently created function of National Sales is mandated to lead business development and sales mobilization strategy through Distribution in addition to driving Digital Initiatives for the group. Another critical sub-function of National Sales is Network Optimization responsible for the entire network’s footprint management.


The Distribution network of Branch Banking consists of 1,700+ branches, 140 Areas, 19 Regions, 6 HUBs, and 3 Clusters (South/Central/North). Each region is managed by a Regional Chief, HUB by a Senior Regional Chief, and Cluster by Distribution Head. Regional teams also consist of Regional Business Managers, Analytics Officers, and Business Development Managers – Wealth Management. Distribution plays a fundamental role in delivering the business and non-business objectives of the bank. Sales of all Deposit, Wealth, Consumer, Trade, SME, and Agri products is channeled through Distribution.


A Business support team dedicated to managing governance aspects of Branch Banking, enabling core business teams to:

  • Conduct business in the utmost regulatory compliance manner.
  • Keeping overall internal control environment intact.
  • Managing identified risks and emerging risk for mitigation.
  • Facilitating business to thrive in continuously evolving regulatory, controls, and risk dimensions.
  • Bringing efficiencies in processes, product programs, and procedures.
  • Facilitating representation in management and board committees.

As the leading bank in Pakistan, we strive to provide banking that is convenient, rewarding, and trustworthy. HBL’s Consumer Agriculture and SME Banking business is focused on providing value to customers while enabling them to achieve their financial aspirations. We help people prosper, enable businesses to grow and play a role in the development of Pakistan.

Consumer Banking

HBL Consumer Banking is a market leader and our diverse range include credit cards, debit cards, personal loans, auto loans and merchant acquiring solutions. At HBL Consumer Banking we impact the lives of individuals, from mass market to affluent. We are at the forefront of new technology and payment solutions. What sets us apart is our focus on customer-centric product propositions, data driven digital lending capabilities and digitization of conventional channels to meet the evolving financial needs of our customers.

Agriculture Banking

HBL is committed to cater to the banking needs of farmers and Agriculture communities. It continues to play a vital role in reaching out to Agriculture Pakistan providing tailor made agricultural financial services through its vast network of Agriculture branches and a dedicated field force of rural Banking. The bank is a market leader in farmer financing and continues to innovate and digitalize the customer journey for enhanced outreach with qualitative service.

SME Banking

Being the largest lender, we support small and medium businesses with conventional and seasonal leading products, program-based lending with small business finance and point-of-sale (POS) finance. HBL also supports SMEs with SBP targeted schemes and trade needs of the sector.

HBL has the largest Corporate Banking portfolio in Pakistan coupled with the most active and largest Investment Banking Division in Pakistan. Our Corporate & Investment Banking Group is a leading provider of financial services to top-tier multi-national and local clients across the country, serving the financial needs of the nation’s preeminent domestic and multinational corporate customers.

Corporate & Investment Banking

Corporate banking’s relationship managers partner with product specialists to provide a full array of corporate banking solutions, from cash management, foreign exchange, trade finance, custody, clearing and loans, to capital markets, derivatives, and structured products. They also partner with our investment banking arm to deliver investment banking expertise in project finance, mergers & acquisitions, debt syndications and capital market solutions to the banks’ clients.

Commercial Banking

The Commercial Banking division is a vital area within the group that primarily targets smaller and medium sized businesses. Commercial Banking teams provide these clients with personalized services such as structured and customized banking solutions that help enable their businesses to function more efficiently. These solutions encompass various services such as Trade Finance (covering imports, exports, remittances & guarantees), Long-term debt and Working Capital Finance, Deposit Mobilization, Cash Management and cross-sell of various other banking products.

Transaction and Employee Banking

The Transaction and Employee Banking (TEB) business spans across business segments by providing innovative solutions for customers to run their businesses. TEB offers customized digital products to enhance efficiencies within customer business through cash management, payment solutions, and payroll delivery services.

HBL Treasury & Global Markets (TGM) is a core part of a bank’s structure and of Pakistan’s financial landscape. The Bank is an authorized dealer in foreign exchange, one of 12 Primary Dealers nominated for the sale & distribution of government debt, and an authorized dealer for Derivatives, all functions that fall within the purview of the TGM Group.

While the mainstay of TGM is the domestic TGM business, the Group also houses the International Treasury function which has oversight of Treasury functions in international locations. The function encompasses all aspects of the International Treasuries, including liquidity management, investments, and sales & trading, and provides an important bridge between the countries and Head Office.

Asset & Liability Management

The Asset & Liability Management (ALM) function manages the Liquidity & Interest Rate risks of the entire Bank, with a view to optimize the Bank’s profitability from its large, liquid investment portfolio (known as the Banking Book, which constitutes more than half the Bank’s balance sheet), within a framework sanctioned by the Bank’s ALCO Committee. Pursuant to these objectives, the Treasury ALM function carries out reserve management activities as well as analyses and scenario planning of balance sheets.

Treasury Sales

TGM is the “face-to-the-market” for the Bank, encompassing activities in various financial markets including FX (Foreign Exchange), Money Markets, Fixed Income Securities, Equities & Derivatives. The Treasury Sales function is responsible for the Sale & Distribution of financial markets products to all client segments of the Bank, and works closely with relationship businesses to maximize the volume and income stream from these activities. The structuring desk is tasked with the overall management of derivatives and structured / complex products, and in developing bespoke solutions for clients, as well as acting as the new product engine for the Group.

Fixed Income & FX

Trading desks in fixed income and FX manage deal flow and exposures in these products with a view to providing market liquidity to client segments as well as other Bank counterparties, and to proactively position the Bank to take advantage of market movements. The Bank has been the largest market-maker in these products for several years. The equity desk manages the liquid equities portfolio of the Bank.


The Group also houses the Research function, which provides economic and market research to senior management, to clients, and for internal use in the Treasury.

HBL Islamic Banking is one of the largest Shariah-compliant service providers in the country. We provide end to end Islamic banking solutions to our varied clientele including account services, financial products, cash management and alternate delivery channels.

The Innovation and Financial Inclusion Group focuses on overall digital transformation of HBL, including enabling the drive towards becoming a Data Driven organization. It aims to transform our customer’s banking experience using data for in-the-moment engagement and real-time / predictive analytics and decision-making capabilities, innovation, business model redesign and development of new channels to tap the unbanked segments. The emergence of digital age has served to revolutionize the current bank offerings using concepts like straight-through processing, product and process redesign, data analytics, machine learning, branchless ecosystem, and loT (internet of things).

Konnect by HBL remains the primary vehicle for offering easy access to the unbanked and under-banked segments of society. Leveraging on our strong brand name, along with the existing consumer and corporate business product suite, Konnect by HBL has the privilege to partner with the Government on a variety of G2P initiatives such as Ehsaas Kafalat Program, Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program, Punjab & KPK Agriculture division. With enhanced features and financial services offering, Konnect is now looking forward to expanding its value propositions and services. HBL has always intended to invest in this initiative with the objectives of enhanced financial inclusion and digitization of payment methods.

The group consists of following three departments:

  • Branchless Banking – Konnect by HBL
  • Data Strategy & Organizational Impacts – Including Data Lake, Analytics, Al/ML
  • Enterprise Solution and Digital Channels – HBL Mobile, Internet Banking, HBL Pay, Billing Aggregator

International Banking is a key business unit at HBL that is responsible for all aspects of the Bank’s relationships with domestic and international financial institutions. It provides the infrastructure which facilitates the efficient functioning of our global trade, payments, and treasury businesses. From an international perspective, the department also assesses individual country risk by analyzing counter party credit risks through the macro and micro environment analysis.

The Finance department works in collaboration with all the other functions of the Bank to track, analyze and report the financial information that measures the Bank’s performance in order to guide the Bank in achieving its strategic objectives.

The department also manages the Bank’s tax reporting, compliance and payment obligations and provides advisory services to departments on tax matters.

The team also strives to maintain the integrity of controls around the financial reporting process to ensure accuracy in accordance with the requirements set out under the various laws and regulations applicable on Banks in Pakistan, and other jurisdictions where the Bank operates.

The Finance department is the primary interface to the investor community and presents HBL and its performance through regular interactions with other stakeholders.

Global Compliance Group (GCG) is the Bank-wide gatekeeper for all regulatory and internal regulations covering all Business/Product segments across the organization. It partners with all HBL businesses and functions striving to ensure that the Bank’s Policies and Procedures and regulatory guidelines are implemented in letter and spirit throughout the organization.

GCG consists of the following six departments at Head Office:

  • Financial Crime Compliance (FCC)
  • International Compliance (IC)
  • Regulatory Examination Management & Liason (REM&L)
  • Compliance Training, Assurance & Projects (CTAP)
  • Compliance Risk & Corporate Governance (CR&CG)
  • Advisory & Policy Management (A&PM)

Additionally GCG has Compliance Officers in various overseas locations implementing the Compliance Program in their respective geographies. These staff report to the International Compliance division.

Global Compliance’s endeavors to have HBL recognized as an institution with the ‘best in class’ compliance environment, with the following specific Mission goals:

  • Inculcate a strong culture of compliance with the slogan “Compliance is my responsibility”
  • Strive towards a ‘zero’ tolerance
  • Institute strong controls to minimize compliance risk 
  • Identify compliance issues for timely action
  • Ensure compliance at ‘entry-points’, and
  • Achieve compliance with ‘best practices’, local and international standards and guidelines as laid down by regulators

HR at HBL operates as a strategic partner to our businesses and focuses on driving performance excellence by hiring, developing and retaining the best talent. With a long-term focus on aligning our people strategy with the overall organizational strategy, we strive to build a flexible, engaging and progressive culture. Structured into nine key roles, HR at HBL contributes through the following units:

  • Talent Acquisition: Sources, screens and recruits the best talent in the market, while ensuring adherence to inclusive hiring policies.
  • Relationship and Talent Management: Prioritizes employee engagement and development in partnership with business units and line managers to drive business results, promote career growth and maximize employees’ potential.
  • Learning and Development: Designs and develops need-based interventions to enhance capabilities and skillsets to cater to the dynamic business environment.
  • HR Operations: Ensures seamless execution of daily HR transactions essential to maintaining a workforce.
  • Rewards and Policies: Develops and implements policies and reward structures to motivate and engage employees to consistently drive performance and achieve organization’s goals.
  • Organizational Development: Undertakes a systematic approach to assessing and improving all employee-related processes and structures to enhance organizational efficiency.
  • HR Technology and Data Analytics: Focuses on digitization of HR processes through design and implementation of tech-related projects and solutions to support evidence-based decision making.
  • Ethics and Conduct: Identifies, measures, monitors and implements the ethics and conduct framework at HBL in line with the State Bank of Pakistan guidelines.
  • Employee Relations: Acts as an arbitrator and oversees the resolution of grievances, misconduct and/or disciplinary violations by employees in a fair and impartial manner.

HBL’s vision is to embed technology within the very fabric of the Bank. We see technology as a force multiplier and enabler and recognize it as a crucial, but not the only, component of our drive towards increasing revenues, reducing costs and enhancing customer experience. We also are fully aware of the fact that technology in itself is not the solution, it is the complex interplay of technology enabled services with empowered employees that will allow the full potential of the bank to be unleashed.

HBL Internal Audit Function through a risk-based approach, provides reasonable and objective assurance on the adequacy of design and effectiveness of the systems of internal control in mitigating significant risks and in enhancing the effectiveness of risk management, governance processes and systems in a holistic manner. The end to end coverage of areas include head office, branches, international locations, credit risk cycle, technology risks, Islamic banking areas and bank wide investigations duly supported by dedicated audit digitalization team and monitored by an internal quality assurance mechanism.

HBL internal audit is well positioned to deliver consistent best in class assurance and advisory services to its stakeholders based on the following five pillars:

  • Continuous Risk focus: To continuously benchmark ourselves against the dynamic regulatory requirements stakeholder expectations and industry best practices for provision of value added assurance and advisory services.
  • Technology: Subject matter IT and digital expertise for robust coverage of core technology and digital areas.
  • Agility: Flexible, future looking and continuously evolving in the dynamic landscape.
  • Stakeholder management: Continuous engagement with internal and external stakeholders for better insight into emerging risks of the Bank and industry.
  • People & Culture: Based on the principles of diversity and open communication we implement ongoing development, progression, fair treatment and performance reward.

Information Security is a critical business function and an essential component of governance affecting all aspects of the business environment. HBL Board & management is committed to providing ‘first-class business in a first-class way’ to our customers while protecting our clients and their information.

In the environment of growing cyber threat, HBL continues to strengthen the Bank’s cyber defense mechanism by utilizing effective preventive and detective information security measures to counter evolving cyber challenges. These mechanisms allow HBL to offer innovative digital solutions to its clients while ensuring them protection, confidence, and peace of mind.

HBL is the amongst the very few banks to have attained PCI DSS certification which is the de facto security standard for the Payment Card Industry. HBL also achieved ISO27001 international information security related certification.

Risk Management ensures exposures are kept within acceptable risk limits while maintaining a robust and sustainable earnings stream. The group’s activities include approval of credit and market limits, portfolio management, development of scorecards and rating models, capital management, risk taxonomy, credit administration and fraud risk management. Banks are subject to a wide array of risks including those arising from lending, market fluctuations and operational activities. Based on this diverse nature, Risk Management Group at HBL requires individuals from broad range of expertise including credit, actuarial sciences, finance, accounting, business management and other quantitative disciplines.

An Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) division has been set up within Risk Management Group. ERM will provide the bank with the tools and the mindset to strengthen the connectivity and governance of the enterprise-wide risks, including credit, market, liquidity, operational, compliance, legal, reputational & strategic risks.

The Development Finance Group (DFG) is a new function initiated by HBL. It is mandated to design and implement interventions targeting Pakistan’s Agriculture and SME sectors, and in the process, uplift the underserved and exploited farmers of the country.

DFG facilitates the farmers through in-kind loans, and help them become better producers and efficient sellers. This is achieved by engaging the complete agriculture value chain: by providing the farmers with high quality inputs, modern mechanization and better agronomic advisory; and connecting the farmers with the bulk processor of their crop produce. In parallel, along with improving the economic conditions of the financed farmers, DFG also makes profits for the Bank, thus creating a double bottom-line impact.

Branch Operations & Account Services is an integral part of the bank and is mostly considered ‘the face of the bank’. At HBL, it is our aim to provide extraordinary customer experiences, by bridging client needs and demands with the internal processes keeping in line with SBP guidelines. This ensures implementation of regulatory compliance to mitigate risk. The function remains engaged in process improvement to meet customer expectations, to implement regulatory changes and adapting best industry practices.

It has further divided into four verticals:

  1. Branch Operations: Being first point of contact for the customers, with their deep industry experiences provides end to end assistance and guidance against customer transactional needs.
  2. Branch Operations Support & Governance: Acts as a support unit, assists in branch operations in simplifying the processes, create synergies, and provide governance to create control environment.
  3. Account Services: Most critical part of the bank as it facilitates customer on-boarding and provides account maintenance services to new and existing customers.
  4. Data and Analytics: Inculcates change management culture, leads different campaigns to improve staff awareness, and develops and disseminates analytics against staff performance. Hence inculcating change management culture by improving staff awareness at all levels.

‘Operations Services’ provides foundational support to HBL’s dynamic Operating Model. Through the extensive spread of its scope, it renders relentless support to the frontline Business teams by administering Business processes and procedures, some of which run round the clock, culminating in quality customer service.

The areas that collectively fall under the extensive umbrella of ‘Operation Services’ are:

Digital Customer Experience

‘Digital Customer Experience’ (DCE) is about creating positive memories for customers through the delivery of superior service, ensuring a continuous journey of transformation. DCE’s multi-channel team provides robust support to the Bank’s various segments (i.e. Retail, Consumer, Branchless Banking, etc.) through Voice, email, Social media, WhatsApp and IVR (self-service).

Trade Operations

‘Trade operations’ is responsible for efficient processing of all trade related transactions (Exports, Imports, Letters of credit and Guarantees), while also ensuring that the regulatory requirements are strictly adhered to at all times. Trade operations provides critical support to the trade business through delivery of swift and error-free services leading to heightened customer satisfaction.

Payment Services

‘Payment Services’ provides a unified and centralized platform for processing of payments pertaining to Salaries, Pensions, Remittances, Clearing, Consumer Loans, Debit & Credit Cards, including Treasury transactions initiated by Treasury Front Office. It provides round the clock services by ensuring that the ATMs across the Bank’s network remain fully functional at all times. Several wings of payment services operate in harmony to create an enhanced service experience for internal and external customers.

International Operations

‘International Operations’ acts as a focal point for the International Branch Network in matters relating to operations. It keeps vigilance on control issues and creates a bridge between International locations and the Head Office, while monitoring key operational aspects through alignment of policies and procedures. It ensures compliance of International Operating Model with the respective regulatory environment while it also aligns international policies with HBL’s global policies.

Business Policies & Procedures

‘Business Policies & Procedures’ renders support to units in developing Policies, Procedures, SOPs, Circulars and Product Programs. It assists in addressing audit observations and identifies opportunities for achieving cost efficiency in processes of ‘Operation Services’.

Shared Services

An integral part of Operations Services, ‘Shared Services’ provides efficient support to entire network of HBL by managing the evolving needs of stakeholders with optimal utilization of resources. ‘Shared Services’ assists the Bank to implement cost effective, sustainable, transparent & progressive solutions for Bank’s Procurement, Properties, Construction / Renovation, Business Continuity Planning, Security and Administrative affairs, ultimately contributing towards profitability, efficiency & enhanced Brand Image of HBL.

Corporate Strategy Function’s primary role is to maintain oversight and to drive the execution of the various aspects of the Bank’s Strategy. The Function acting as a lead, develops strategy and plans its implementation while promoting the overall corporate goals. As a stabilizing force, the Function gives direction to organizational action and provides a common frame of reference in a constantly evolving environment.

Working as a team across the Bank, the Function will manage cross-business initiatives to create measurable business value in terms of customer experiences, operating performance, improved controls and generation of bottom-line improvements.

The Function achieves this by focusing on the Bank’s unique assets and taking advantage of them in a meaningful way such that the Bank is distinguishable from competing organizations and on course to becoming a client-centric Technology Company with a Banking License.